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At Houston Cardiology Consultants, we provide personalized care and cutting-edge medical expertise to guide you on a transformative journey toward optimal heart health.



Houston Cardiology Consultants, established in 1979 by Dr. Abdul Ali, is dedicated to delivering personalized cardiovascular and preventative healthcare. Since then Dr. Asif Ali and Dr. Sajid Ali have also joined our team, enabling us to combine cutting-edge technologies with academic expertise to offer tailored cardiac healthcare solutions.

Our team, with multiple Clinical Assistant Professorships at various prestigious academic institutions, is committed to crafting flexible plans to meet your unique needs, contributing to a healthier, happier, and heart-conscious life.

Our Expert Cardiologists

Dr. Abdul Ali

With almost 50 years of experience, Dr. Abdul Ali, a triple board-certified cardiologist, is the driving force behind Houston Cardiology Consultants. He leverages his wealth of expertise to create personalized cardiac care plans, leading patients toward a healthier, happier, and heart-conscious life.

Dr. Asif Ali

Dr. Asif Ali, an accomplished specialist in preventive cardiology, goes beyond traditional approaches, integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies into his treatments. His close affiliations with the prestigious Texas Medical Center and the American Heart Association underscore his commitment to staying at the forefront of cardiovascular advancements. Dr. Asif’s approach is grounded in evidence-based medicine, utilizing the most current research findings to craft tailored treatment plans for each patient. Through personalized and flexible strategies, he ensures that individuals not only comprehend their optimal health options but also have direct access to them.

Dr. Sajid Ali

Dr. Sajid Ali, an eminent interventional cardiology specialist at Houston Cardiology Consultants, seamlessly blends routine cardiovascular care with advanced in-office procedures, including vein ablations. His commitment to superior cardiac care encompasses cutting-edge techniques, spanning coronary stent management, peripheral vascular disease, venous conditions, pacemaker implementations, and expertise in stroke and heart failure management. Dr. Ali’s holistic approach harmonizes innovative procedures with a profound understanding of medical intricacies, ensuring comprehensive heart health for every patient.

Comprehensive and Tailored

Cardiovascular Care

At Houston Cardiology Consultants, we prioritize your unique needs to provide a personalized and transformative healthcare experience.

Personalized Cardiovascular Expertise

Our distinguished physicians collectively bring over 80 years of experience in crafting tailored cardiac care plans. These individualized treatments are designed to be effective and responsive to your specific health needs.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Academic Excellence

We are committed to offering the latest advancements in cardiovascular medicine. This commitment is achieved by integrating state-of-the-art technologies and leveraging academic expertise to ensure that you receive the most advanced and effective care.

Expanded Accessibility

We have recently expanded our services into the Heights making our top-tier cardiovascular care even more accessible across the Houston area.

Flexible and Customized Healthcare Plans

 Experience a new standard of care with our dedicated staff who create flexible plans tailored to your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you lead a healthier, happier, and heart-conscious life.